Shanghai Tuo Gang Wood Industry is a specialized supplier who supply various type of dunnage woods and various type of pallets as well as plywood sheets for the shipping industry/shipping company. Our factory based on number 203,MaoJia Road,Baoshan District, Shanghai City.Our factory has a area of total 9500square meters,equipped with a large number of units of timber processing equipment, be able to adapt to the requirements of the majority of shipping companies and other requirements of the customer needs, the factory is very closed to all general cargo terminals in Shanghai,we may deliver the goods to terminals in Shanghai in a very quick and convenient way,up to now,we are the biggest dunnage wood supplier for shipping industry in Shanghai area.

We had provided international standard fumigation certificates to our customers for a long time period,and also helping to apply heat-treated certificate if needed,we may solve all those issues for our customers smoothly and without any difficulty.

Since our company founded in 1992, we provides good quality dunnage woods and special sizes of dunnage woods to our clients for a long time periods, over the years,we had very close business relationships with CHIPOLBROK/COSCO shipping company as well as some of large international shipping companies,the major of our dunnage woods were supplied to various terminals in Shanghai and container yard too,as well as some other coaster ports such as Lianyungang/Qingdao/Xingang and so on.

The company is in line with good faith based philosophy, and people-oriented corporate values for a long term,and quality first and service first as principle, innovative spirit to provide customers with better service,we are looking forward to cooperate with you.


New zealand pine

new zealand pine
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